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However, by following certain dos and don’ts on the other hand, you can actually have a smooth and a memorable date.The dating rules for both men and women are completely different.To help all you men out there, we have brought some effective tips here in this list.It is bound to give you desired results where dating a beautiful woman is concerned!

Plan and Prepare Well: Choose the place beforehand and plan and prepare for the date way before the actual time to ensure that no problems or hassles occur.

The locations should not only be chosen before but make sure that it is comfortable and perfect for inducing conversations.

Dating for always has been something that attracted both men and women. The process of dating might sound very simple and easy to follow but believe it or not it is the most complicated.

Every action and every movement of a person is gauzed and analysed when he/she is out on a date.

Most people do not believe this and end up in a casual approach to their dates.

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