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Dating site for smoker advice on dating a younger guy

I know of one forum where there are people who have gotten their kids started smoking recently, so permissive parents are still out there.I stole smokes since I was 4 from mom, but as a birthday gift when I was nine my dad got me a pac of marlboro red 100s and Iv been addicted ever since, and my parents lov my addiction too.Online dating in Brisbane with power packed tools and features to make finding your soul mate all the more simple and quick.

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It was a long time ago, and back then it wasn't uncommon for parents to give their kids an occasional puff.

When I was 12, I started asking my mom for puffs, and she let me have them.

Soon she started letting me light cigarettes for her and my aunts, so I began to light one for myself too!

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How many others started smoking with the help or encouragement of their parents?

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